Welcome to the Summer Institute for Climate Change Education! Hosted in partnership with NOAA’s Climate Office and The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program. 
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Jonathan Schulman

P.S. 110 - The Monitor School
Teacher - 4th Grade; Debate Coach
Brooklyn, NY, United States
Hi! I'm Jonathan, and I'm also known as "DJ ICE" by my NYC DOE Climate Education Leadership Team cohorts because of my environmentally-friendly raps! Ask me about my latest ones! I come by teaching by way of the law (practicing attorney for years in New York) and am now a 15-year veteran and 2021 Big Apple Teacher Award Winner! My passion is teaching and learning Civics-related issues, plus helping my colleagues broaden their daily curricula with diversity, equity, and inclusion lessons to fit the needs of their students and community.
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  • Beliefs in Stories and Personal Experiences
  • Climate Change Science & Solutions
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  • Combating Misinformation Science Denial & Developing Media Literacy
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  • Exploring Ways of Knowing
  • Shifting Power and Voice to Marginalized Communities
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