Welcome to the Summer Institute for Climate Change Education! Hosted in partnership with NOAA’s Climate Office and The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program. 
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Robert Wilson

Rowland Hall
Science Teacher/ Coordinator of Climate Studies
Salt Lake City, UT
As Coordinator of Climate Studies I am helping my school develop a climate action in three primary ways:  All school curriculum, operations, and community engagement.  Utah is experiencing a severe drought as the consquence of low precipitation, above average temperatures, and high demand on our water resources.  We are also experiencing severe weather events including a windstorm on 8 September 2020 that hit with hurricane force winds, and a series of winter storms in February that created some of the most dangerous avelanche conditions in living memory.  Climate change is evident in all of our seasons.  I was first interested in climate action and strategies to reduce greenhouse gases.  The weather has become more disruptive to our lives.  The windstorm blew down thousands of trees in Salt Lake City, and ripped a hole in my roof.  My garden receives just enough water to keep the trees and shrubs alive.  Experiencing this has caused me to conclude that climate resiliency is our highest prioritiy.  How do we prepare ourselves, our homes, our schools, and our communities for the disruptions that climate change has already caused.  We should be prepared for disruptions that will happen soon.  

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