Welcome to the Summer Institute for Climate Change Education! Hosted in partnership with NOAA’s Climate Office and The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program. 

Climate Change Science & Solutions: Explore the many facets of climate change impacts and solutions, hear from climate change scientists, and get resources to help teach about the connection between climate change evidence, impacts, and solutions

Combating Misinformation, Science Denial, and Developing Media Literacy: Learn the skills and get the tools you need to help your students fight science denial, combat misinformation, and develop media literacy about the causes and solutions of climate change

Beliefs in Stories and Personal Experiences: Develop skills to help your students uncover their climate stories and learn how writing, art, and climate fiction engages and inspires people to take climate change action

Exploring Ways of Knowing: Investigate how cultural practices and personal beliefs impact our understanding of climate change, and practice integrating many ways of knowing and investigating global phenomena in your lesson plans

Shifting Power and Voice to Marginalized Communities: Explore the socio-political history of climate change, hear historically sidelined narratives, and reimagine justice-focused climate change lesson planning that centers communities that are most impacted

Teachers as Advocates for Youth Power: Lean into the wisdom and hope of our next generation by talking with youth in the climate justice movement, developing the skills to be a youth ally, and learning how to support inspired students through civic engagement

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