Welcome to the Summer Institute for Climate Change Education! Hosted in partnership with NOAA’s Climate Office and The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program. 

Featured Speakers

avatar for Raven Baxter (she/her)

Raven Baxter (she/her)

STEM Educator, Founder and Owner of STEMbassy, Black in Science...
avatar for Sydney Asher

Sydney Asher

Margaretville Central School, NY
Youth Climate Leader
avatar for Maryama Warsame

Maryama Warsame

Rosemount High School, MN
Youth Climate Leader
avatar for Reyna Day

Reyna Day

Indigenous Youth Organizer


avatar for AnnStrozyk


Howard County Public Schools & Howard County Conservancy
Environmental Educator
avatar for Melanie	Hoffman

Melanie Hoffman

The King's Centre for Visualization in Science
Project Director & Visiting Science Communication Specialist
avatar for Nia	Keith

Nia Keith

Mass Audubon
Statewide Climate Change Education Manager
avatar for Adam McCurdy (he/him)

Adam McCurdy (he/him)

Aspen Center for Environmental Studies
Forest and Climate Director
avatar for Akira Yano (he/him)

Akira Yano (he/him)

Climate Generation
YEA! Campaigns Coordinator
avatar for Brian Batugo (he/him)

Brian Batugo (he/him)

San Diego Unified School District
Ethnic Studies Resource Teacher
avatar for Edgar Massingale (he/him)

Edgar Massingale (he/him)

Beaverton School District and SoS
Science Teacher and Soul of Science Lead
avatar for Frank Niepold (he/him)

Frank Niepold (he/him)

NOAA’s Climate Program
Climate Education Coordinator
avatar for Jason Rodney (he/him)

Jason Rodney (he/him)

Climate Generation
Senior Youth Programs Coordinator
avatar for John Cook (he/him)

John Cook (he/him)

Climate Change Communication Research Hub, Monash University
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
avatar for Jose Sotoramos (he/him)

Jose Sotoramos (he/him)

Director of Programming
avatar for Kyle Tschida (he/him)

Kyle Tschida (he/him)

Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL)
Program Manager
avatar for Matt Scott (he/him)

Matt Scott (he/him)

Project Drawdown
Manager of Storytelling & Engagement
avatar for Mike Griffin (he/him)

Mike Griffin (he/him)

Community Change
Senior Electoral Organizer
avatar for Ricardo Medina (he/him)

Ricardo Medina (he/him)

San Diego Unified School District
Ethnic Studies Resource Teacher
avatar for Robert Blake (he/him)

Robert Blake (he/him)

Native Sun Community Power Development
Executive Director
avatar for Robert K Nelson (he/him)

Robert K Nelson (he/him)

University of Richmond
Director of the Digital Scholarship Lab
avatar for Seth Spencer (he/him)

Seth Spencer (he/him)

Climate Generation
Teach Climate Network Coordinator
avatar for Tim Swinehart (he/him)

Tim Swinehart (he/him)

Lincoln High School, Portland Public Schools
avatar for Trevor Cobb (he/him)

Trevor Cobb (he/him)

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy
Communications Coordinator
avatar for Alicia Christensen (she/her)

Alicia Christensen (she/her)

Education & Outreach Associate
avatar for Allison Bender (she/her)

Allison Bender (she/her)

Wisconsin Energy Institute, UW–Madison
Outreach Coordinator
avatar for Ashley Young (she/her)

Ashley Young (she/her)

Alliance for Climate Education
Education Program Manager
avatar for Cathy

Cathy "Cat" Techtmann (she/her)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension
Environmental Outreach Specialist
avatar for Denise Fosse (she/her)

Denise Fosse (she/her)

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy
Director of Development
avatar for Devarati Bhattacharya (she/her)

Devarati Bhattacharya (she/her)

Central Washington University, Ellensburg
Science Education Specialist
avatar for Dr. Christina M. Castro (she/her)

Dr. Christina M. Castro (she/her)

Three Sisters Collective
avatar for Elizabeth Bagley (she/her)

Elizabeth Bagley (she/her)

Project Drawdown
Director of Drawdown Learn
avatar for Erin Girzone (she/her)

Erin Girzone (she/her)

Good Health is a Habit Wellness Studio
Founder of the Good Health is a Habit Wellness Studio, Certified Yoga...
avatar for Gabi Porter (she/her)

Gabi Porter (she/her)

Center for Climate Integrity
Campaigns Director
avatar for Gaby Petron (she/her)

Gaby Petron (she/her)

NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory & University of Colorado CIRES
avatar for Jessica Bean (she/her)

Jessica Bean (she/her)

University of California, Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology
Understanding Global Change Project Leader
avatar for Jothsna Harris (she/her)

Jothsna Harris (she/her)

Climate Generation
Director of Community Engagement
avatar for Julie Marckel (she/her)

Julie Marckel (she/her)

Native Sun Community Power Development
Education Director
avatar for Karin Kirk (she/her)

Karin Kirk (she/her)

Yale Climate Connections
Geologist and Science Journalist
avatar for Kat Huybers (she/her)

Kat Huybers (she/her)

University of Washington
avatar for Kristin Baja (she/her)

Kristin Baja (she/her)

Program Director of Climate Resilience
avatar for LaStelshia Speaks (she/her)

LaStelshia Speaks (she/her)

Baltimore County Public Schools
Special Educator/Social Emotional Learning Educator
avatar for Lauren Boritzke Smith (she/her)

Lauren Boritzke Smith (she/her)

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy
Communications and Marketing Manager
avatar for Leena Bakshi (she/her)

Leena Bakshi (she/her)

Executive Director
avatar for Lin Andrews (she/her)

Lin Andrews (she/her)

National Center for Science Education
Director of Teacher Support
avatar for Lindsey Kirkland (she/her)

Lindsey Kirkland (she/her)

Climate Generation
Climate Change Education Manager
avatar for Marianne Krasny (she/her)

Marianne Krasny (she/her)

Cornell University
avatar for Marie Fargo (she/her)

Marie Fargo (she/her)

Climate Generation
Climate Change Instructional Resources Coordinator
avatar for Mary Ellen Daneels (she/her)

Mary Ellen Daneels (she/her)

Illinois Civics Hub
Instructional Specialist
avatar for Milan Neeley (she/her)

Milan Neeley (she/her)

Minhang Crosspoint High School (California Crosspoint Academy)
avatar for Nancy Metzger-Carter (she/her)

Nancy Metzger-Carter (she/her)

Schools for Climate Action
Education Leader
avatar for Natalie Stapert (she/her)

Natalie Stapert (she/her)

Lowell School
Teacher, Humanities Coordinator
avatar for Ratha Kelly (she/her)

Ratha Kelly (she/her)

San Diego Unified School District
Ethnic Studies Resource Teacher
avatar for Rebecca Noble (she/her)

Rebecca Noble (she/her)

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy
Senior Development Coordinator
avatar for Ruthie Gold (she/her)

Ruthie Gold (she/her)

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication
Manager of Secondary Education Initiatives
avatar for Sabine Peterka (she/her)

Sabine Peterka (she/her)

Climate Generation
Summer Institute Specialist
avatar for Samantha Sencer-Mura (she/her)

Samantha Sencer-Mura (she/her)

826 MSP
Executive Director
avatar for Sarah Ott (she/her)

Sarah Ott (she/her)

Dalton Middle School
avatar for Sarah Peters (she/her)

Sarah Peters (she/her)

Northern Lights.mn
Executive Director
avatar for Sarah Pidgeon (she/her)

Sarah Pidgeon (she/her)

Solar One
Co-Director of Programs
avatar for Na Choih (they/them)

Na Choih (they/them)

Climate Generation
Youth Leadership Mentor
avatar for Anne Armstrong

Anne Armstrong

Cornell University
PhD Candidate
avatar for Katie Boyd

Katie Boyd

Education & Outreach Associate
avatar for Becky Bronstein

Becky Bronstein

Program Manager
avatar for Cassandra Breeze Ceballos

Cassandra Breeze Ceballos

Climate Interactive
Multisolving Program Coordinator
avatar for Thadd Copeland

Thadd Copeland

NYC DOE - Office of Sustainability
Deputy Director of Sustainability
avatar for Carrie Ferraro

Carrie Ferraro

Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience Initiative,Rutgers University
Associate Director
avatar for Amy Frame

Amy Frame

Ten Strands
K-12 Program Manager
avatar for Sarah Goodspeed

Sarah Goodspeed

Climate Generation
Senior Youth & Policy Manager
avatar for Erin Griffin

Erin Griffin

The Wild Center
Youth Climate Program Manager
avatar for Brittany Gutermuth

Brittany Gutermuth

Mass Audubon
Arcadia Climate Education Coordinator
avatar for Nayiri Haroutunian

Nayiri Haroutunian

Program Director
avatar for Autumn Bernhardt (she/her or he/him)

Autumn Bernhardt (she/her or he/him)

Environmental and Natural Resources Policy Specialization Lead, CU...
avatar for Brittany Jayroe

Brittany Jayroe

Program Director Eastern US
avatar for Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Wild Rose Education
Watershed Education Specialist
avatar for Bethany Jorgensen

Bethany Jorgensen

Cornell University
PhD Candidate
avatar for Justin Kaput

Justin Kaput

Suffield High School
Environmental Science Teacher
avatar for Jen Kretser

Jen Kretser

Wild Center
Director of Climate Initiatives
avatar for Kelley Le

Kelley Le

UCI Science Project
avatar for Elodie Linck

Elodie Linck

The Wild Center
Climate Communications Fellow
avatar for Meredith Mcdermott

Meredith Mcdermott

NYC Department of Education
Director of Sustainability
avatar for Janice McDonnell

Janice McDonnell

Rutgers University
avatar for Katie Modic

Katie Modic

Executive Director
avatar for Asomgyee Pamoja

Asomgyee Pamoja

Texas Program Manager
avatar for Kristen Poppleton

Kristen Poppleton

Climate Generation
Senior Director of Programs
avatar for Kate Roney

Kate Roney

Claremont McKenna College
avatar for Kathryn Semmens

Kathryn Semmens

Nurture Nature Center
Science Director
avatar for Elise Trelagan

Elise Trelagan

NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office
B-WET Program Coordinator
avatar for Dr. Marie Tremblay

Dr. Marie Tremblay

Alberta Council for Environmental Education / French
avatar for Laura Tyler

Laura Tyler

Earth Gen
Program Coordinator
avatar for LaDale Winling

LaDale Winling

Virginia Tech
Associate Professor of History